This page contains sample applications for Swogl.

Note that some of these samples require third party libraries or specific rendering backends.

Additionally, most of the samples use the classes from the Swogl Demos JAR file (contained in the download package), which are not part of the official Swogl API, but are only demonstrations of possibilities that are offered by Swogl.

You may start the SwoglSample demo application directly using Java Webstart: SwoglSample Webstart

(Note: The application will ask for the permission to access system resources. The reason is that Swogl establishes a new Swing Event Queue that intercepts mouse events in order to properly forward them to the SwoglComponents. You can safely confirm the dialog box)

thumbnail SwoglApplicationSample.java A very basic Swogl application, only showing a JTree inside a SwoglComponent.
thumbnail SwoglSample.java
A Swogl application that shows some demo components, and demonstrates different capabilities of Swogl.
thumbnail SwoglLightsSample.java
A Swogl application that shows how the light- and material classes that have been introduced in Swogl 0.4.0 may be used.
thumbnail Gears.java
Swogl integrated into the 'Gears' example of JOGL
thumbnail JMFSowglSample.java
A Swogl application that plays a video on an animated Swogl component using the Java Media Framework. The screenshot shows the Swogl application side-by-side with another media player playing the same video.