Swing meets OpenGL

Swogl is a library for displaying and interacting with Swing components in 3D. It can be used to easily create standalone applications with Swing Components in 3D, or to integrate Swing components into existing applications. Nearly all sorts of Swing components can be used to create a SwoglComponent, which is a three-dimensional representation of the Swing component. A SwoglComponent may consist of arbitrary geometry, and may be freely arranged in space. SwoglComponents may be added to a SwoglContainer, which provides a component for 3D rendering and manages the interaction with the SwoglComponents. It may also arrange multiple SwoglComponents in space using 3D layout managers.

The current version of Swogl should be considered as an alpha version, and thus, the API of Swogl may still change!.


(Change log)


The following is a preliminary, non-binding list of issues that may be addressed with the next releases: If you have further suggestions for improvements or extensions, or want to vote for the development of a specific feature from this list, feel free to contact me or write a post in the Swogl forum

A bit of history:

A very early alpha version of Swogl had been published a while ago. With version 0.3.0, Swogl has been significantly extended and improved compared to the first release. The improvements addressed, among others, the issues that were brought up in the Swogl forum and through the feedback that I received via mail. The main improvements compared to the initial alpha release are: